C ARM Compatible OT Table - Motorised

C ARM Compatible OT Table - Motorised

C ARM Compatible OT Table - Motorised

Product Code52-0500AM

Mains operated Electrical system. In Built rechargeable battery (optional). Eccentrically positioned table top for maximum access for movement of C-Arm image intensifier. X-Ray Translucent four sectional top. Standard positioning. Noiseless and smooth operation. Mobile base with four locking facility. Sturdy T-type base for ease of operation. Base and column covered with stainless steel to prevent dirt and fluids from getting into base and easy to clean. Frame and side rails made of stainless steel. Completely rust proof design. Adaptable to Ortho attachment, Neuro Surgery attachments and other special accessories.

Also available: 52-0500 A - Manual Type (with Hydraulic Height Adjustment)

Standard Accessories:

Antistatic Rubber Mattress One Set
Arm board S.S. Top One Pc.
Shoulder Support padded One Pair
Lateral support padded One Pair
Lithotomy crutches Geopal Type One Pair
Hand Surgery Table
(X-ray translucent) With telescopic support
One Pc.

Optional Accessories:

Orthopaedic Attachment
» Orthopaedic Leg traction Device.
» L-Shaped Knee rest padded.
» Steinmen Pin Holder
» Inner thigh support padded.
» Raised arm rest padded.
» Lateral Cassette holder.
Hand Surgery Attachment
Neuro Surgery Attachment
» Horse Shoe shaped
» Mayfield Three Pin Head Fixator

Manually operated Kidney bridge.