Obstetric and Gynecological Bed

Obstetric and Gynecological Bed</br> (52-1100-UZ)

 Obstetric and Gynecological Bed (52-1100-UZ)

• Specially designed for Gynaecological procedures.
• Strong Steel Frame, made of 1.5 mm thick MS CR ERW Grade, with Tube
Ends closed with PE Caps. Tubular accessories & rods made of 18/8
Stainless Steel.
• Detergent and Disinfectant, Pre-treated and Coated with Polymer Epoxy
Paint. Many parts of Stainless Steel.
• Height adjustment through hydraulic foot operated pump and other
movements are mechanical.
• Provided with Mattress in three sections.
• Provided with headrest at Backrest section.
• Provided with a pair of strong, moulded lithotomy pads (with straps),
mounted on S.S. Stand with screw clamps in two sides.
• Provided with Lithotomy Poles with screw clamps.
• Leg section in 2 parts with Screw Jointing.
• Provided with Arm support for purpose of intravenous infusion, fixed with
back section through a clip and moveable in various angles.
• MS Tubular CRC ERW, SS 18/8.
• Dense, washable foam, resistant to disinfectants.
• Moveable/Adjustable arm support.
• Recess-able leg section with S.S. waste receptacle underneath, connected
with a drain pipe.
• Height Adjustment through Hydraulic Pump.: 600 - 1100 mm approx.
• Load capacity:180 kg approx.
• Back Section Adjustment upto 60°
• Back Section & Seat Section Length approx. 1000mm and 400mm
respectively and Width approx. 600mm.