Laboratory Table With 2 Door And 2 Sinks

Laboratory Table With 2 Door And 2 Sinks </br> (78-5600)

 Laboratory Table with 2 Doors and 2 Sinks (78-5600)
• Specialised laboratory washing table with sink, for research centres, Medical facilities, factories and other laboratories.
• The tabletop of laminated MDF board coated with moisture resistant material steady against effect of aggressive chemical liquids.
• Edges are lined with shockproof PVC-based material.
• Provided with two corrosion-proof sinks with chemically resistant mixer for cold and hot water.
• The sink base is made of laminated MDF board.
• Adjustable supports (0-30 mm) approx. for setting a stable position of the table (Leveller).
• The curbstone is made of laminated MDF board.
• The curbstone is divided into 3 compartments with two separate swiveling casements.
• 2 shelves inside the compartments & 3 shelves among the compartments of the curbstone.
The wall dryer:
• Made of propylene for ware of the small size.
• Provided with 15 probes installed at an angle.
• Pallet for collecting water with a drainage tube.